Registration a company in China:

• a representative office of a foreign company;
• company with a 100% foreign capital;
• joint venture.

Registering a company in Hong Kong;

• Hong Kong company (Ltd).

Renting a warehouse and office facility:

• if you decide to open a representative office or rent a warehouse in Shanghai, we will assist you in finding the best options and collect all the necessary documents.

Car rental:

• rent a car of any class for one or more persons, long distance bus for a large group of people.

Shipping samples:

• we will render services for the delivery of parcels and samples from China. Once you provide us all information about supplier, we will contact travel agents and count the shipping cost to your city.

VIP - tour Shanghai:

• we have special programs for every client, as well as for groups of employees of foreign companies, who come to China for practice and training.

Working Program:

• visiting a group of plants according your project. Employees can become familiar with the production process, technical base, and introduction new technologies into production.

• you will get interesting information, gain useful contacts and maybe have some new ideas to implement into your business.

Programs for vacation:

• we offer rich cultural programs that will be interesting and informative not only for those people who first time visit China, but also for those who visit China more often.

• at your request, we will visit the famous fake markets of branded manufacturers, major shopping centers, Shanghai restaurants of Asian and European cuisine, seaside and sightseeing of the city.
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