• Meeting at the airport / train station.
• Arrange the hotel.
• Accompany at the factories.
• Business negotiations.
• City tours.
• Shopping.

Quality control:

Manufacturing control
This service provides a quality control of raw materials using for manufacturing, execution of order in time, identification of defects before the end of entire order production.

Pre-shipment inspection
Pre-shipment control includes random inspection of finished products, verification goods quantity and shipping mark with the packing list and checking packaging quality.

Loading inspection
Supervise loading and unloading of goods in container, checking shipping documents, final verifications of goods quality and quantity, the integrity of the goods packaging.


Doing business with the Chinese side it is necessary to have a connective link between the customer and Chinese partners. Our team studied Chinese mentality well during a long time of work in Chinese market and it will be easy for us to avoid common mistakes.

We can:
• Promptly inform our customers about the real state of affairs on all orders;
• Control the Chinese side for the implementation of all agreements;
• Conduct quantity and quality inspections of production;
• Provide photos and other reports in time and effectively solve all incipient problems.

On your demand we will hold door-to-door deal, which includes:
• Finding manufacturers;
• Check all the documentation of the supplier;
• Carry on negotiations;
• The signing of the contract on favorable terms;
• Inspection of the finished products;
• Preparation of export documents and cargo consolidation;
• Delivery;
• Customs clearance and cargo insurance.

Outsourcing in China and Southeast Asia:

• According to your query we will help you find the right products and services in China and Southeast Asia, also collect detailed information about the manufacturers and products they provide, organize production under your logo. Depending on your request, our team will provide all the necessary information:

• A list of manufacturers, based on provided operating conditions, their prices and quality certifications;
• Full contact details of manufactures;
• Catalogues and sample products.

Also we can negotiate with the manufacturers and arrange the delivery of the goods.

As you know, the Asian market is not only limited with China. Every year its market builds up with other countries in Southeast Asia - Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia. Our team is pleased to announce that we have established contacts in this region and as the client's request we will provide the necessary information about suppliers, products and services in Southeast Asia.


Our team will help you get all the information you need about current exhibitions in China. We help you collect contacts, business cards, catalogues and provide photo-reports. Also we will organize participation of your company at the upcoming exhibitions. Using the virtual tour exhibition service, you will save your time and money.

All information about upcoming exhibitions you can find here.
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